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We don’t just present you with your tax return and financial statements, we take the time to explain the numbers and the drivers of the outcome so that you understand your position. It’s your business, your finances, your life. Shouldn’t you be in control? We feel you should, and we work with you to assess your needs, value your input, stay in constant communication and consult with you throughout the process without billing you for every email and every second spent on the phone.

Real time accounting, financial data and operational information to keep up with the high demands of your operations, readily accessible on your smartphone, tablet or computer at anytime, anywhere in the world. With our professional expertise we provide creative solutions and different angles specific to your situation to help you succeed.

Our Services

Pacific Chartered Advisors LLP provides customized services to companies and individuals doing business in a wide range of industries.


Year-End Financials, Audit Engagements, Review Engagements, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Quarterly Reports and Analysis, GST and PST Compliance, Financial and Operational Analysis.


Preparation and Filing of Corporate and Personal Tax Returns, Year-End Tax Planning, Wind-ups, Asset Events, Estate and Trust Planning, Rollovers, Corporate Reorganizations, Purchase and Sale of Business, Retirement and Succession Planning, Family Unit Tax, Compensation Planning.


Valuations, Business Plans, Forecasts and Projections, Strategic Planning, Value and Growth Creation, Transition and Succession, Financing Proposals, Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures, Compensation.

Cloud Services

You aim for the sky and we believe that your operations should also be in the sky with you. At Pacific Chartered Advisors LLP we make these possibilities a reality, allowing you to take your business to new achievable heights and expanding the realm of further opportunities through the West Coast Cloud. Our cloud-based hosting solutions are based on cutting-edge high performance infrastructure that is fully redundant, secure and scalable to keep up with your demanding needs.


Payroll, WCB, Full Accounting Cycle, GST Filings, PST Filings, Source Deduction Remittance, System Analysis, Paperless Management, Weekly to Monthly Cycles, Compliance and Operational Assistance.

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Value Added

Value Added Services

For those wishing to create a solid foundation of wealth and longevity, we offer enhanced services.


Estate Planning


Compliance / Controls

Specialty Reports


CRA Audit

Corporate Structures

Operational CFO

These are not exclusive and can be tailored to any size business or individual depending on your needs.


Langley Office: 604-353-0934