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2019 RDTOH Planning, Don’t be Scared

2019 RDTOH PLANNING, DON’T BE SCARED Halloween came early this year, with the 2018 Federal Budget in February confirming the government’s intent to address investment income earned within a Canadian controlled private corporations (CCPC) by targeting the Refundable Dividend Tax On Hand (RDTOH) regime. RDTOH is created from passive income streams (dividends, interest, capital gains) earned by […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING The hardest game I have ever experienced is business. I’ve been a boxer, trained as a fighter and have power-lifted. Business still beats all of them. It’s 24/7, relentless and unmerciful. You can make billions or lose everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of […]

Reducing Audit Risks of Vehicles Used in the Business

Most businesses could not operate without using a vehicle somehow and will purchase vehicles in the name of the business to be used as such. Whether the Canada Revenue Agency is going to allow them to write off the entire cost of a vehicle depends both on the type of vehicle and the extent to […]

Finding the Money in Your Business

Do you have money in your business that is hiding? In our last blog post we looked at what a Cash Burn Rate was in a business. The importance of knowing these numbers can become critical in a business if the original funding is starting to dry-up at a rate faster than the money coming […]


Dentists are in an interesting position when it comes to GST. The services you offer lands you into one or more of three possible tax categories. The value of understanding this structure allows you the opportunity to recover some of the GST you pay on their purchases. Most businesses can recover the GST they pay […]

Next 5 Steps to Starting a Professional Practice

Last time, I shared how starting a professional practice has a number important steps such as doing your homework, writing a business plan, and securing financing. In this edition, I will continue down the list to the remaining 5 steps that will allow you to clearly continue to build the foundation of your practice. Stay […]