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Next 5 Steps to Starting a Professional Practice

Last time, I shared how starting a professional practice has a number important steps such as doing your homework, writing a business plan, and securing financing. In this edition, I will continue down the list to the remaining 5 steps that will allow you to clearly continue to build the foundation of your practice. Stay […]


Starting a professional practice is a series of decisions that must be taken to lay the ground work for an operational business. There are many things to consider. To make this process easier I have compiled a list. Below are ten important actions in making you’re a practice flourish. Do Your Homework The failure rate […]

Reduce Conflict By Mandating Shareholder Agreements

There is a saying that an ounce of pre-framing is worth a pound of reframing. I have seen too many companies fall apart from shareholder disputes affecting many innocent loved ones. When it comes to shareholders having a vested interest within any profit generating structure having a shareholder agreement in place should become a mandate […]

Discretionary Shares

While many of my clients are shareholders in their own large private companies or are a part of complex corporate structures, I also deal with local entrepreneurs and new start-ups. Recently a client of mine who was a sole proprietor had decided to make the jump and fully incorporate her company. I mentioned to her […]

Lease or Buy a Vehicle?

Many soon-to-be owners of a new vehicle often have the question should I buy or lease? Both have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your individual situation. I always inform my clients that it comes down to three key points: intent of use, cash-flow and tax treatment. If you intend to use your new vehicle […]