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Before all this commotion about income splitting and the many ways that corporations, trusts and partnerships could allocate income to lower tax-bracket individuals, there has been in place for quite some time a very simple tool. This tool is known as the prescribed-rate loan. Generally, the income attribution rules under subsection 74.5(2) of the Income […]


Addressing Tax Reform on Both Sides of the Border Looking back on 2017, I personally have never seen so much activity in tax reform that completely overhauled existing policy on both sides of the border in one year . The consequences of these tax reform changes are to be far reaching and while still in […]

Death of the Voluntary Disclosure Program

Recent changes to the Voluntary Disclosure Program are part of a federal trend in clamping down on tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. This can be seen in cases involving the use of tax havens by private corporations. We have already seen the Federal Liberal government has been scaling back the financial benefits of owning […]

Crypto Currencies & Taxation

Within the crypto currencies investing realm, 2017 will forever be remembered as the year of irrational exuberance, where everyone from your barber to gym buddy was talking about the investing in Bitcoin or the next big alt coin (alternative coin other than Bitcoin). In 2018, at the time of writing this article, crypto currency is […]

Demographics and Technology Reshaping Canadian Business

Canadian Business Adapting to Demographics and Technology Changes     Canadian Business entrepreneurs are facing a new reality—one marked by changing dynamics in the labour force and new ways of doing business. Recently, the Business Development of Canada released a study about the future of business in Canada. It reviewed current changes and challenges the landscape of Canadian business. […]

Fundraising: A First Glimpse

Most companies begin their life on funds borrowed from the founder and their close friends and family, and for a fortunate few, angel investors. This part is pretty self-explanatory so no need to dig into it, but once those initial funds have run dry and after taking the company from an idea and core team to the embryo of functional business, it’s time to start thinking bigger.