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Federal Budget 2019: A Closer Look

As expected the 2019 Federal Budget was light in private Canadian business and more-so heavy on the focus of obtaining votes. However, a few items worth a closer look did occur and are discussed in detail below. Home Buyers Plan (“HBP”): The HBP allows first-time home buyers to withdraw RRSP funds without tax to purchase […]

Beware Populism

Winter is Coming. Here on the West Coast of Canada, winter is officially here, and along with it comes the fruition of our labours from populist sentiment. Many B.C. homeowners in the past week have awoken to the receipt of their new speculation tax forms, a part of the new initiative fostered by the NDP […]

In the Name of Transparency

IN THE NAME OF TRANSPARENCY As a part of its election platform mandate, the British Columbia NDP stated that they would make housing more affordable by fighting against foreign investment, speculators and gaps in current regulations and legislation that allow for advantages to be abused. Earlier this year the minister of finance, the Honourable Carole […]