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Speculation Tax

On November 27, 2018, very quietly, the legislation for the new Speculation and Vacancy Tax (“Act”) rules were enacted into law with little fanfare to the general public. Known as Bill 45, this legislation was introduced in October 2018 in response to the NDP’s concern of speculation in the local housing market and to the […]

2019 RDTOH Planning, Don’t be Scared

2019 RDTOH PLANNING, DON’T BE SCARED Halloween came early this year, with the 2018 Federal Budget in February confirming the government’s intent to address investment income earned within a Canadian controlled private corporations (CCPC) by targeting the Refundable Dividend Tax On Hand (RDTOH) regime. RDTOH is created from passive income streams (dividends, interest, capital gains) earned by […]

Are We On The Cusp of Major Reform?

ARE WE ON THE CUSP OF MAJOR REFORM? Living in BC in the year of 2018 one cannot help but balk at the high real estate prices and costs of living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Due to local populist pressure, the provincial government has intervened with significant regulation and […]

Multiple Wills in B.C.

MULTIPLE WILLS IN B.C. Coming back from summer, one does not usually start thinking about their will or the need for one. In my case as a certified tax geek, having just recently been married, the first thing my mind turned to was establish a pragmatic will and life insurance for my beautiful blushing bride. […]

Reducing Audit Risks of Vehicles Used in the Business

Most businesses could not operate without using a vehicle somehow and will purchase vehicles in the name of the business to be used as such. Whether the Canada Revenue Agency is going to allow them to write off the entire cost of a vehicle depends both on the type of vehicle and the extent to […]

Own Residential Property in Vancouver?

If you own residential property in the City of Vancouver, and you received a tax notice from the City in March advising that your property is subject to the City’s new Vacancy Tax, you only have until Monday, April 16, 2018, to appeal the decision or face a heavy tax bill. Backgrounder As a way of addressing […]