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Crypto Currencies & Taxation

Within the crypto currencies investing realm, 2017 will forever be remembered as the year of irrational exuberance, where everyone from your barber to gym buddy was talking about the investing in Bitcoin or the next big alt coin (alternative coin other than Bitcoin). In 2018, at the time of writing this article, crypto currency is […]

Demographics and Technology Reshaping Canadian Business

Canadian Business Adapting to Demographics and Technology Changes     Canadian Business entrepreneurs are facing a new reality—one marked by changing dynamics in the labour force and new ways of doing business. Recently, the Business Development of Canada released a study about the future of business in Canada. It reviewed current changes and challenges the landscape of Canadian business. […]

Accessibility to Entrepreneurs Keeps the Dream Live!

We live in an incredibly exciting time for entrepreneurs and the opportunities afforded to them. While I have no doubt that the grit and resilience required for success is on par with prior eras, the tools and general accessibility of technology to today’s entrepreneurs would have been incomprehensible even 30 years ago. After the implosion […]

Fundraising: A First Glimpse

Most companies begin their life on funds borrowed from the founder and their close friends and family, and for a fortunate few, angel investors. This part is pretty self-explanatory so no need to dig into it, but once those initial funds have run dry and after taking the company from an idea and core team to the embryo of functional business, it’s time to start thinking bigger.


As hard as it is to believe that tax and hip-hop could exist in the same sentence, the lyric’s from The Notorious B.I.G.’s hit single Mo Money Mo Problems could not ring truer with regards to startups and the different techniques used to raise cash.

Vancouver’s Future as Canada’s Tech Hub

Rather than plunging into the nitty-gritty of taxation and accounting advice, I want to kick-off my blog contribution from a wider angle. More specifically, I want to muse on Vancouver’s future as a tech haven and share some of the collective wisdom I’ve gathered over the years from some of the city’s best and brightest. […]