What we do

Incorporated Business

Accounting solutions you and your business can trust.

Our speciality is working with private incorporated businesses in a wide array of sectors. Through our experience with such diverse clientele, we’ve gained valuable insights and industry expertise into the needs of individual sectors and business structures. This means when we work with your company, we offer accounting and tax knowledge about the technical side of corporate accounting and compliance regulations businesses face.

We offer a host of professional advisory services beyond the necessary accounting functions with services designed to:

Help make responsive business decisions in real-time,

Effective taxation structures at critical growth periods,

Transition smoothly during sale, succession, or retirement.

We focus on a business’ needs rather than starting from scratch with general background questions. We know what to ask, and we know how to help craft solutions to address specific business challenges.

Services we offer

Streamlining processes, maximizing simplicity, and interpreting results.

Year End Financials, Review Engagements, Quarterly Reports and Analysis, Financial and Operational Analysis.

Valuations, Business Plans, Forecasting and Projections, Strategic Planning, Value and Growth Creation, Transition and Succession, Financial Proposals, Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures and Compensation.

Payroll, WCB, Full Accounting Cycle, GST Filings, PST Filings, Source Deduction Remittance, System Analysis, Paperless Management, Weekly to Monthly Cycles, Compliance and Operational Assistance.


Outsourced CFO
Many small and mid-sized businesses that do not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or have the revenue to provide the salary expectations of such a position can benefit from the financial leadership that Pacific Chartered Advisors LLP provides on a part-time, as-needed basis. When you partner with us for outsourced CFO services, your organization enjoys:

Advice regarding business strategy, finance, risk, and more to help your business become more efficient and successful, with our wide range of experience across industries and our commitment to knowing your business you can trust;

CFO-level talent at a much lower cost than a full-time employee;

Impartiality that may be lacking in a family-run business;

Experience, knowledge and skills that normally take years to develop;

Access to updated technology and software;

Knowledge of processes, compliance and regulations that are second to none;

Timely, relevant and accurate financial information required for making informed decisions;

Scalability — ramp resources up or down as needed without incurring the burden of hiring, training and maintaining full-time financial staff;

Continuity of financial information flow during employee transition or leaves of absence;

The ability to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about financial and reporting issues.

Our creative, cost-effective solution addresses your specific needs and helps improve the financial and operational areas of your business. Plus, our large network of professionals is available to provide additional support as needed.

Outsourced CFO leadership delivers a diverse range of services, including:

Management of your financial infrastructure

Strategic financial and business planning and implementation

Cash flow management, projections, governance

Trend analysis

Financing alternatives (bank or private equity)

Domestic or international consolidations

Assistance with acquisitions

IFRS implementation

Audit preparation

Compliance with GST, Corporate Tax, WorkSafe BC, Payroll Withholdings and PST

Business Solutions: Your business is our business
Owning your own business is a dream come true for many, but it can quickly become a nightmare without the right solutions for the multitude of hats owners must wear. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses move from start-up to success, so our advice is based on what really works.

If you have big dreams and financial goals, we can help you with a road map to achieve them.

Our Business Solutions Specialist knows how to develop, coach and inspire individuals and teams to outperform competition in small business and consumer solutions by delivering an engaged customer and employee experience.

If you are looking at ways to provide the energy, inspiration, innovation and leadership needed to organically grow your business and the consumer market share in an ever-changing industry, working with our business solutions specialist and business partners will be a game changer.

Providing education, strategy, and consult through the impact and influence associated with building relationships, identifying opportunities and growing professional service businesses with financial solutions. Offering effective communication strategies, ongoing coaching, relentless execution on your mission and vision and a high level of accountability for all aspects of your success, we will execute a well-defined course and tactical initiatives in your market.

Time Management

Business Systems & Technology

Contracts, Policies and Procedures

Marketing & Brand Development

Sale Conversation and Conversion

Website Monetization

Intellectual Property Development

Fee Structure Increase & Merchant Services

Client Experience & Management

Partner Programs for Growth & Protection

Business Mentoring & Mastermind